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Course Description

This program focuses on major hand building techniques such as Solid forming, Coil building, Slab building and Pinching (pinch-pot method) and get to explore many different ways to join pieces of clay together. It teaches primary color mixing & 3D basic shapes, creative expression and imagination expansion. This course develops the creative imagination promotes personal ideas being expressed. These activities provided extend learners thinking in three dimensional way and developing skills in modeling. It is very different from the more usual ways our learners work from their past experiences in school or at home. These sessions provide experiments to build up freedom and imagination at the same time teaches major hand-building techniques to explore many different ways to join pieces of clay together. After learners get to experiment, they will be encouraged to invent and initiate their own experiments to discover and evaluate many other ways to join clay and design their own work. They will be able create two and three dimensional imaginative basic structure after the workshop and assist learners develop creative sculpture building process. Being a practical course in orientation, the focus allows learners develop the ability to combine all the basic element of art and design in the arrangement of concepts that can capture the audience attention and patronage for acquisition of produced sculpture. The aspect of hand building to be covered include the effective use of techniques for object build up, slab method of making figures, exploration of textural symbols and motif for surface embellishment and use of different types of clay in creating effects.


Course Objectives

Our curriculum involves expressive and aesthetic activities that young or adult will enjoy. We aim to enable our learners to understand and value art expressions throughout life. Learners will demonstrate the understanding and use the unique qualities of air dry clay as an artistic medium to compose individual art pieces.

Course Goals

• Exploration of imaginary ideas, creativity and expression of abstract thoughts.

• Skill Development.

• Allow learners to build up their concentration while completing given tasks in consistent routines, to focus better for a better learning process and thus gain independence


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